4 Tips On Shopping For Used Car Parts

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When looking to outfit your vehicle with the parts that will keep it not only running, but running at its best, it pays to do some shopping around. However, you can save yourself some money when you decide to buy used auto parts. If you have never done this before, there are a variety of tips and guidelines that you should keep tabs on, so that you can make the best use of your money and time and provide your vehicle with the best part.

11 May 2016

3 Additional Services That Towing Companies Can Provide

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A towing company on the surface seems like a pretty simple business. After all, it's only providing one pretty clear service, right? But did you know that many towing companies offer additional services that might not involve actually moving a car to a new location? Here are three scenarios you could run into where a tow truck company could come to the rescue without actually having to tow your vehicle. Flat Tire Repair or Spare Installation

10 May 2016

Understanding And Maintaining Your Transmission Fluid

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With all the different tasks needed to maintain your car, it is easy to see how owning a vehicle can be overwhelming. From changing the oil and detailing the interior and exterior, these tasks keep your vehicle running and looking well. Unfortunately, you may not be putting enough time and energy into the car's transmission. While surprising to hear, 9 out of 10 transmission failures occur due to an issue with the transmission fluid.

9 May 2016

How to Remove Rust from Your Truck's Doors and Add Primer and Paint to the Treated Areas

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If your truck's doors have small rust spots on their surface, remove the damage with the following steps. Afterward, touch up any spots that need more primer and paint in order to give the doors a uniform appearance. Maintain your truck's body to keep it protected from further damage. Here's how to do it: Materials bucket of soapy water long-handled scrub brush water hose electric sanding machine low- and high-grit sandpaper emery cloth tack cloth touch-up primer and paint automotive compound buffing pad Clean the Doors and Eliminate Rust Spots

6 May 2016

2 Tips To Ensure Your Car's Brakes Keep Working The Way They Should

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No aspect of your car is more important than the brakes, where safety is concerned. Yet many struggle to understand the basics of brake maintenance. The good news is that it's fairly simple to make sure your brakes are in good shape. This article will introduce you to two vital tips to help ward off the chance of unwanted brake problems. Check the brake fluid level--and color--on a regular basis.

4 May 2016

4 DIY Projects To Transform A Plain Truck Into An Off Road Workhorse

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Having a truck can be great for hauling loads, tools and anything you want. If can also be a great vehicle for going off road or getting to rural areas. The basic factory trucks may lack some of the features you want for an off road workhorse, such as snorkels, guards and lights. If you want to have a truck that is a complete off road workhorse, here are some improvements that you can easily do yourself:

2 May 2016

Great Tips For Getting And Using Truck Shells

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Any time you want to be sure that you are able to protect the cargo that you pull in your truck, you will need to invest in a set of truck shells. These truck shells can be purchased separately by an automotive company that will look out for you, but you will need to understand some guidelines for finding the right one for you. Take advantage of these steps below so that you can add it to your truck to the best of your ability.

2 May 2016

3 Grocery Store Items That Could Help With Emergency Car Repairs

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Mechanical problems under the hood of your car can serve as a major inconvenience, especially if these problems appear while you are traveling away from home. If you are looking for a temporary solution that will allow you to drive your vehicle to your own mechanic when you begin to experience car trouble, there are some everyday items that could be beneficial. Here are three simple things that you can purchase from a grocery store that will help you make on-the-go auto repairs in the future.

1 May 2016

Going On An RV Trip? Here Are 3 Reasons To Haul Your Car With You

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Taking a vacation with your family in a recreational vehicle is an excellent way to spend quality time together throughout the entire trip. Your RV should save you plenty of money on things like hotel accommodations, as well as meal planning and preparation too. It may seem convenient to leave your vehicle behind at home, but there are a variety of reasons to haul it with you behind your RV – here are three important reasons why you should consider towing your car behind you during your next motorhome trip:

30 April 2016

Beginner Mechanic's Guide: Replacing The Transmission Fluid On A Car

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Warm spring days are a nice time to inspect your car and see how well it held up over the winter. One item you should check is the transmission fluid. A transmission can get a lot of use during the winter with car tires spinning and gears rapidly shifting. If the transmission fluid is starting to look brown or has little pieces of metal in it, then it's time to replace the transmission fluid and filter.

28 April 2016