Should I Repair or Replace Damaged Car Aluminum?


If your aluminum car parts have been damaged, then you may be looking at whether to repair or replace the parts. Before you visit an auto body shop, here are some things to consider.  Where Is the Damage? The first thing to consider is where the damaged aluminum part is located. If it is on the exterior of the car and is easily accessed, then a simple repair is a fine option.

21 July 2016

4 Tips For Purchasing Used Auto Parts


Purchasing used auto parts can be a great way to save money when you need repairs to be done to your vehicle. However, you want to be sure that when it comes to purchasing used auto parts, you are making a safe and smart purchase. There are some used auto parts that aren't going to work for your vehicle and can even cause more damages. Here are four tips for purchasing used auto parts that will help you avoid this:

9 May 2016