4 Signs That Your Crankshaft Sensor Is Going Bad

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Your crankshaft sensor is responsible for letting your vehicle's computer know how it needs to adjust the fuel that is being delivered to your engine and lets your vehicle know the timing of the sparks. The crankshaft sensor is essential to the smooth operation of your engine. Generally, one of the very first signs of engine failure is a bad crankshaft sensor, which is why it is important to know the signs that your crankshaft sensor is going bad.

27 July 2016

Four Things To Know About Nitrogen-Filled Tires

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Nitrogen, once popular solely in the racing and airline industries, has gained some popularity in recent years for use in automotive tires. If you've been hearing discussion about nitrogen-filled tires but wonder what the big deal is, this article will help you understand. Here are some things you should know about nitrogen and your tires before you decide if you're going to use it. Nitrogen is drier than air.

24 July 2016

Should I Repair or Replace Damaged Car Aluminum?


If your aluminum car parts have been damaged, then you may be looking at whether to repair or replace the parts. Before you visit an auto body shop, here are some things to consider.  Where Is the Damage? The first thing to consider is where the damaged aluminum part is located. If it is on the exterior of the car and is easily accessed, then a simple repair is a fine option.

21 July 2016

4 Things You Should Know About Truck Running Boards

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Are you thinking about replacing your large truck because you and your kids have a hard time getting inside of it? You might want to consider getting running boards installed instead of replacing the truck. There are several beneficial aspects of running boards that will make you happy with the investment. Take a look at this article to gain more insight about truck running boards. 1. Getting Inside of Your Truck Will Be Safer

18 July 2016

What Type of Cargo Trailer Is Best Suited to Your Needs?

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If you go camping frequently, sell things at travelling fairs, or own a horse or other livestock, you probably need some type of cargo trailer to haul your animal or the items you need while you're away from home. However, there is no one-size-fits-all type of trailer. There are a variety of cargo trailers, each designed for a specific type of hauling. Four common types of cargo trailers 1. Flat-bed trailers.

13 July 2016

Six Things You're Doing To Your Transmission That Make It Unhappy

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Whether you're waiting for your automatic car to change gears as you accelerate on the highway or manually downshifting when pulling into a parking lot, the last thing you want is to hear grinding noises or feel gears slipping--the calling cards of a transmission problem. Want to avoid a costly mechanic's bill? Here are six things you should stop doing to your transmission, so it stays healthy for a long time.

17 May 2016

Has Your Car Suddenly Stopped Working? Tow It To A Family Member Or Friend's House To Cut Costs

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Keeping your vehicle operational is essential if you want to continue at a normal pace through life. Once your car breaks down, unless you live in a city where the public transportation system is exceptional, you may have to deal with a number of inconveniences to get where you need to go on a daily basis. A broken-down car is not something that you want to have sitting just anywhere. When you do not have a driveway to park on or a garage to park inside, you should tow it to a family member or friends house that does.

16 May 2016