Should I Repair or Replace Damaged Car Aluminum?


If your aluminum car parts have been damaged, then you may be looking at whether to repair or replace the parts. Before you visit an auto body shop, here are some things to consider. 

Where Is the Damage?

The first thing to consider is where the damaged aluminum part is located. If it is on the exterior of the car and is easily accessed, then a simple repair is a fine option. When you need to remove exterior parts or lift the car to access the damaged part, then a full replacement may not make a huge difference in the total cost. Additionally, by replacing a part that's already partially worn, you can help to fend off future repairs to that part. 

How Large Is the Damaged Area?

The size of the damaged area will matter for your total cost. The cost of repairing a single dent may be well worth it to avoid buying new aluminum parts. But if your auto body shop charges per dent, then several dents and a paint job can add up quickly. You may want to look into unlimited dent repair coverage, which some auto body shops offer to cover a large number of dent repairs within a short window of time. You can also cut down your costs for a large repair by doing your own paint job with an at-home kit. 

What Types of Damage Have Occurred?

The types of visible damage also make a difference in your repair options. Dents are fairly easy to repair as long as there is no exposed metal showing through the plate. Your auto body shop may be able to offer you a pointless dent repair service for your aluminum repair. With this repair option, the mechanic will use a bit of low-impact force to guide the metal back into place. Fortunately, aluminum is fairly malleable and can be guided back into place, although aluminum doesn't tend to remember its former shape as well as other metals. 

If you have damaged the car to the point where the metal has buckled and there are jagged edges showing through the metal, a more thorough approach will be needed. It's possible to weld some metal cracks, and then you will need to have a paint repair either through a DIY kit or through a professional paint touch-up. Replacing a cracked panel has its benefits, though, since a panel that was damaged enough to be cracked may not be structurally sound. 

For more information, talk with various auto repair shops in your area or check it out online. 


21 July 2016

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