Class B Motorhomes – More Storage Space Than You Might Think!

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Class B motorhomes take some of the roughing it out of camping without making it difficult to drive the RV. They are large enough to provide you with the amenities that you want while camping, but small enough to be easier on gas and driven by those who are intimidated by the larger RV models. Unfortunately, the smaller size can make it difficult to take everything with you that you want and find what you need while you are enjoying it. Here, you will learn a few tips that can help you find more storage room in your little motorhome so it is better enjoyed.

On the Road Storage

While you're on the road many things won't be needed and can be stored away in the under-bench compartments, on the roof rack and even in a hitch cargo box. Consider storing the blankets, towels and clothing that won't be needed until you reach your destination in these areas.

The things that could be needed, like a first-aid kit, flashlights and emergency roadside tools and equipment should be kept in an area that is easily reachable – a mesh bag hung on the door is one place to consider.

Kitchen Supplies

The little cooking space that you have can go a long way if you take the time to plan how to use it and store the supplies that you need for cooking. Limit what you take – one or two pots, essential utensils, collapsible bowls and strainer, a skillet and maybe a crockpot are ideal for easy meal prep.

Wait until you reach your destination to buy the food for your stay. This will help decrease the amount of stuff that you need in the motorhome while you are traveling and give you more space for the things that will be unloaded later.

Use Closets Wisely

How many of your clothes really need to be hung up? Typically, when you are headed out for a camping trip, you won't be needing clothes that are hung. Instead, pack your clothes in duffel bags that can be tossed aside instead of using up that limited closet space for your clothes.

Use a hanging organizer in your closet to store the things that you don't really have space for. Electronics, shoes, kitchen supplies, toiletries and toys can easily be stuffed into the hanging organizer and readily available when you need them.

Use the Walls

You can find a variety of sizes and shapes of hooks with quick-remove backing to make it possible for you to use the wall space for storage. The little things that would get lost like your camera, your keys, utensils and other odds and ends can be hung on the wall where they will be out of the way and easily attainable.

Your motorhome dreams can come true and they could be brought to reality with a little Class B motorhome. Don't overlook the possibilities simply because you are concerned about the limited storage space. To see RVs in real life, contact a business such as Fretz RV


30 March 2016

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