Seeing A Podiatrist? Here Are Three Things You May Want To Do But Shouldn't

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When you've made an appointment to see a podiatrist, there might be some problems you're having with your feet or toenails. In order for your podiatrist to best treat you, it is important that you think twice before doing any of the things below.

Having a Pedicure

You might feel a little vain or self-conscious about a stranger looking closely at your feet and examining them. As a result of your feelings, you might book a pedicure appointment. You might not know that some salons can have high levels of bacteria that may cause infections and cause problems for your feet.

Instead, clean your feet with gentle soap and water at home. Ensure that you properly dry them before putting on socks and shoes. At your appointment, you can ask your podiatrist if pedicures are a good idea for you going forward.

Shaving Your Legs and Feet Before Your Visit

If you are a female, you may shave frequently. You may be planning to do a fresh shave to get rid of any hair that you have on your toes because you don't want to be embarrassed when you are in the podiatrist's office.

However, you may be surprised to learn that hair on feet and your lower legs is a positive thing from the point of view of your podiatrist. Growing hair indicates healthy cells and allows the doctor to see that blood is circulating properly to your feet. Lack of hair on legs and toes might be a problem, as it could indicate that you have diabetes or other conditions.

You don't have to allow your hair to grow in for weeks, but leaving a bit of hair in the area can prove to be a helpful tool for your podiatrist when assessing how healthy your feet are.

Heading to Your Appointment Without a List of Medications

You might venture to your podiatrist appointment with a vague idea of the medications you take, but you might not want to write down an entire list. However, it is important that you know that the podiatrist could prescribe medicine for your feet. Knowing the medications you are currently taking will help the doctor to avoid prescribing medicine that may interact negatively with them.

Take the time to write a current medication list and bring it along so that there is no delay in your podiatric treatment.

Use all the information above to help you do the right things as you prepare for your time with a podiatrist. Ask your foot doctor for more guidelines before you arrive. Contact a business, such as Fox And Fox, for more information. 


30 March 2016

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