3 Ways You Can Improve Brakes For Better Performance And Safety

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Having stopping power is a good way to give you better control of your car, but often stock brake systems lack performance when it comes to stopping your car. This is why many car owners choose to upgrade their brake systems with features like all-wheel disk brakes, better rotors and high performance pads. If you want to have better performance and safety with your car, here are a few improvements that you may want to consider:

1. Installing Disks On All For Wheels

Many cars have disk brakes on the front and drums on the rear, which can reduce the stopping power because drum brakes do not perform as well as disks. Some older cars even have drums on all-four wheels, which can be a safety hazard. To improve the performance of your brakes, change all the wheels to disks, which can also give you more options for high performance brake systems. It can also give you the option to change the bolt patterns of wheels, so you will be able to install different rims on your car.

2. Upgrading The Lines With Better Connections

Another area that you may want to look at with stock brake systems is the lines. Sometimes these may just be a braded metal with a thin rubber hose in the middle. To ensure that you do not have problems with your brake lines, you may want to install high performance lines that are thicker, have better connections and are less likely to fail when you need your brakes the most. You can also have the lines relocated to ensure they are not at risk of being damaged by road debris when you are driving.

3. Choose Pads And Disks That Cool Better

The pads and disks of your car can also affect the performance of your brake system. This is because stock pads may be hard and cause a lot of friction. In addition, solid disks can heat and eventually become warped. To give your car better brakes, you may want to consider installing high performance disks with holes to improve cooling and installing pads that are a little softer for better performance. The brake pads will wear quicker if they are softer, so you may want to talk with the brake service about installing pads that are somewhere in the middle of hard and soft.

These are some brake improvements that you may want to consider for your car for better performance. If you are ready to start updating your car, contact a brake service and talk with them about giving your car the high performance brakes it deserves.  


25 April 2016

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