Protecting Your Car's AC

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When things warm up, you probably spend more time in your car. You may take family road trips or simply drive to the beach or the local parks. While you are driving during the summertime, you may wonder when  and how you should run the air conditioning in your car. Fortunately, you can follow a few simple guidelines for AC use in your vehicle.  

AC Basics

When you get in the car, do not immediately crank the AC up all the way. This act is hard on the system, and in many vehicles, the air will not really cool down for a minute or two. You are are also putting a strain on the entire engine, which can lead to it surging. Also, make certain that you are recirculating the air most of the time if you want to keep things cooler. Bringing hot air in from outside means your car's AC will just have more work to do. You can briefly bring in fresh air and then return to recirculating air already in the car.  Also, remember to park your car in the shade if you can. Any protection from the sun means your AC will not have to work as hard to bring down the temperature.

Fuel Efficiency

Surprisingly, running the AC in your vehicle is often more fuel efficient than rolling down the windows, particularly if you are driving any significant distance. Your car performs better when it is more aerodynamic. Open windows allow air in that "fights" against your car's motion. As a result, you actually lose more fuel efficiency by keeping the air off and the windows open. Experts note that vehicles that are not particular aerodynamic to begin with, such as some minivans, loses less few efficiency than a sport's car would by having the windows open.

If you are driving short distances in the summer heat, you may save money by rolling down the windows. For instance, if you are just running to the grocery store a few blocks away, you would be wise to open the windows. Your system will not even have a chance to really "kick in" before you arrive at your destination. At slow speeds, the aerodynamics of your vehicle are not much affected by having the windows down.

You should use the car air conditioning this summer and not feel any guilt. In some instances, you are actually saving money by using the AC. Take it easy on your system by gradually cooling off your car and by parking it in the most shaded areas possible. Take care of your car's AC, and it will stay friendly all year long. Contact a business, such as Joe Troegner Auto Service, for more information. 


26 April 2016

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