3 Grocery Store Items That Could Help With Emergency Car Repairs

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Mechanical problems under the hood of your car can serve as a major inconvenience, especially if these problems appear while you are traveling away from home. If you are looking for a temporary solution that will allow you to drive your vehicle to your own mechanic when you begin to experience car trouble, there are some everyday items that could be beneficial.

Here are three simple things that you can purchase from a grocery store that will help you make on-the-go auto repairs in the future.

1. A pair of pantyhose.

Nylon stockings can be used for more than just covering a woman's legs. These products actually have a very practical use when it comes to making emergency vehicle repairs. Your car comes equipped with a series of belts that help drive the mechanical components of your vehicle's engine.

When one of these belts breaks, your car could be rendered inoperable. By doubling up one of the legs of the pantyhose and wrapping it tightly around the pulleys where the broken belt used to be, you can create a temporary belt that will allow you to get your car to a mechanic without needing a tow truck.

2. A roll of duct tape.

Duct tape serves a variety of uses around the house, but it can also be a helpful tool when it comes to making temporary car repairs while you are traveling away from home. Over time, the hoses that transport liquid throughout your vehicle's engine can become brittle and crack. A cracked radiator hose will cause your vehicle to leak coolant, which could result in the engine overheating.

If you notice your radiator hose has sprung a leak, some duct tape could help prevent the loss of coolant while you drive your vehicle to a mechanic. Turn off your car and allow the engine to cool. Identify any cracks in your hose, and wind duct tape tightly around the hose. This will create a temporary seal that lets you safely drive your car to a mechanic who can replace the compromised hose.

3. Some egg whites.

You might not believe that an egg could be a valuable auto repair tool, but when you need to address a minor radiator leak while you are away from home, an egg could be just what you need.

Cracking open 3 or 4 eggs and dumping the whites in your radiator tank can help plug up small holes in your tank. The heat from the liquid in the tank partially cooks the egg whites, causing them to find their way into small holes where they will solidify. 

Knowing about some grocery store items that can be used to make emergency auto repairs will help you better maintain your vehicle in the future.


1 May 2016

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