4 DIY Projects To Transform A Plain Truck Into An Off Road Workhorse

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Having a truck can be great for hauling loads, tools and anything you want. If can also be a great vehicle for going off road or getting to rural areas. The basic factory trucks may lack some of the features you want for an off road workhorse, such as snorkels, guards and lights. If you want to have a truck that is a complete off road workhorse, here are some improvements that you can easily do yourself:

1. Add A Snorkel For Air Intake To Go Through High Waters

When you are driving your truck off road, there may be high water that you have to go through. This can be a problem for stock air intakes, which are often located in a low area near the hood of your truck. A snorkel intake is a system that moves that air intake to an area above the roof to prevent water from getting in the engine when you go through water.

2. Protect Your Drivetrain With The Addition Of Under-Carriage Plates

Another issue that you may have when driving your truck off road is debris like tree branches and rocks, which can do a lot of damage to your drivetrain. A simple way to protect your truck is by installing protector plates in areas that are likely to be damaged by debris. This can be an extra plate to protect the oil pan of the engine, and one for the transfer case on 4x4 trucks. You may also want to add them in other areas that you think need extra protection.

3. Install Brush Guards And Step Bars To Protect Lights And Get In And Out Easily

Just like the undercarriage of your truck, you may want to protect the body from ugly scratches and the lights from debris that you run into in the woods. Brush guards can be a great addition to your truck to help protect it from ugly scratches and damage. You may also want to install bar steps to make it easy to get in and out of your truck when you are driving it off road.

4. Add Off Road Lighting And Winches To Stay Safe When Out In The Woods

Going off road in your truck may put you in situations where you are far from any help. This means that you may have to get yourself out of sticky situations. Adding a winch to your truck can be a good addition to help you when you need it. In addition, you may want to have more lights to give you the vision you need when you are off road in the dark.

These are some of the improvements you may want to consider to make your truck an off road workhorse. If you are ready to start making your truck the ultimate off road machine, contact a custom truck parts service like Pacesetter Truck Caps & Accessories Inc to get the help you need.


2 May 2016

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