How to Remove Rust from Your Truck's Doors and Add Primer and Paint to the Treated Areas

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If your truck's doors have small rust spots on their surface, remove the damage with the following steps. Afterward, touch up any spots that need more primer and paint in order to give the doors a uniform appearance. Maintain your truck's body to keep it protected from further damage. Here's how to do it:


  • bucket of soapy water
  • long-handled scrub brush
  • water hose
  • electric sanding machine
  • low- and high-grit sandpaper
  • emery cloth
  • tack cloth
  • touch-up primer and paint
  • automotive compound
  • buffing pad

Clean the Doors and Eliminate Rust Spots

Clean each door with soapy water and a long-handled scrub brush. Rinse the doors off with a hose when finished and wait for them to dry. Use an electric sander that has a piece of low-grit sandpaper attached to it to remove rust spots. Move the tool back and forth until rust is no longer visible. Briefly sand the same areas with a piece of fine-grit sandpaper.

If any of the rust spots are located on portions of the door that are hard to reach, remove them with an emery cloth. An emery cloth is a flexible cloth tool that has sandpaper attached to one side. Wipe off the sanded areas with a tack cloth to remove any residue that is on the surface of each door.

Add Primer and Paint to Any Bare Spots and Apply Compound

Shake up a bottle of touch-up primer to mix its contents. Apply an even coat of the primer to any spots that are bare on each door. Allow plenty of time for the primer to dry. Mix the contents of a container of touch-up paint. Apply the paint over the dry primer. After the paint has dried, a second coat can be added if the first coat doesn't look the same as the rest of the paint on the doors.

Pour a small amount of compound that is designed for automobiles onto a buffing pad. Buff the freshly-painted spots by moving the cloth in circular motions. The rough edges of the fresh paint will blend in with the original paint as a result. Once the automotive compound has an opaque appearance, remove any excess with a clean cloth. The trucks doors will then be damage-free. Keep your truck parked in a garage or under a canopy and clean its body on a regular basis with automotive detergent to prevent rust spots from forming again. 

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6 May 2016

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