3 Additional Services That Towing Companies Can Provide

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A towing company on the surface seems like a pretty simple business. After all, it's only providing one pretty clear service, right? But did you know that many towing companies offer additional services that might not involve actually moving a car to a new location? Here are three scenarios you could run into where a tow truck company could come to the rescue without actually having to tow your vehicle.

Flat Tire Repair or Spare Installation

You were driving along just fine when all of a sudden, there was bump on the road and now your tire is either rapidly losing pressure or has gone completely flat. If you're not a car expert, you might not know how to change over to your spare tire. Towing companies often provide this service for a nominal fee. Someone will either come out and change the tire to the spare or it might be possible to reinflate the initial tire right on the roadside. Worst case scenario, the tow truck can get you to a mechanic if there is no other option.

Locked Out

Well, now you've done it. You left your keys inside your car and accidentally closed a locked door. If you're near your home you could have someone bring you another set of keys, but if no one is there, you could be stranded for a while. This is where your local tow truck company can come to the rescue. Towing companies have special tools that might be able to unlock some kinds of cars. There are usually better odds if the car is older, as modern electronic locking systems might not be able to be cracked. At any rate, you won't know until you give the towing company a call.

Engine Problems

There are two common scenarios that might cause your engine to stop working. The first is that your battery has died and the engine can't get enough juice to get going. The second scenario is that you pushed your luck a little too hard and ran out of gas. Luckily, these are both scenarios that a towing company can help with. Someone can come out to your location to jump your car if needed and some towing companies may also be willing to drive to a gas station for you and bring a few gallons of unleaded directly to your car.

What a towing company does on a day to day business may seem pretty self-explanatory at first, but the truth is that a good towing company offers many more services than just the towing. A tow truck can come to the rescue in a variety of situations that won't require an actual tow, like if you lock yourself out of your car, get a flat tire, or encounter a dead battery. Keep a local tow truck company in your address book so you can reach out for assistance when you need it.


10 May 2016

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