Wedding Day Worries: Avoiding Motion Sickness During The Limo Ride

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Nervous tummies are normal on the way to the wedding ceremony, but they can be made even worse when the bride is also prone to becoming carsick. Many people feel nauseated, dizzy and weak after even short trips in a moving vehicle, and being in the rear seat can often make the feelings more intense. No bride wants to arrive late to their ceremony or look pale and sickly when they exit the car, so here are a few ways to help alleviate the risk during a limousine service.

Motion Sickness Medicine

OTC medicines work for some people, but not everyone. It is a good idea to try out a brand or two prior to the big day to see if any are effective. There are formulas made to prevent the sickness felt when riding in a car and those for people who suffer from seasickness. Either can be used and one may be more effective than another for some sensitive bellies. Whichever is chosen, just make certain to only purchase the non-drowsy options to prevent grogginess during the ceremony.

Safe Homeopathic Remedies

If OTC pills are not helping, there are numerous homeopathic remedies that may do the trick. Peppermint or ginger oils are helpful to some. Place a few drops of either oil on cotton balls and seal in a plastic bag. Occasionally sniff inside the bag to stop queasiness. Sliced lemon in a bag may work as well. Candied ginger is another option. Bring several small pieces and allow it to dissolve in the mouth, one piece at a time, during the ride.

Inside the Car

Granted, most people will want the windows up to protect their hair, but this could cause additional problems. Consider leaving the windows opened slightly on both sides to keep fresh air flowing through. Mention the concern to the driver to encourage them to drive gently. Look ahead, rather than to the side because moving objects may increase the feelings. Bring cool water or ginger ale to sip.

Avoid Common Triggers

Eat lightly the night before and avoid spicy or fatty foods. Be careful about alcohol intake the night before as well. Also avoid the morning mimosa. Despite its potential to calm nerves, the mix of alcohol and acid may have the opposite effect on the stomach. Avoid reading or texting while the vehicle is in motion.

Shorten the Trip

Try to schedule as short a journey as possible. If hotels in the area are closer to the wedding venue than home, consider splurging on a room and reducing the miles that must be traveled. If shortening the trip is not possible, choosing a shorter vehicle may help. Limo services often offer exotic and luxury vehicles too. A long vehicle may cause additional problems that a more traditional vehicle can help avoid.

Motion sickness can come and go and some people will worry needlessly. Having a backup plan prepared in case the worst happens is a sensible decision that can alleviate the concern and control the problem if it begins. Testing out the methods and the remedies before the wedding will make it possible for the bride to feel even more confident that the issue is under control. 


13 May 2016

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